Friday, January 31, 2014

Bug Mugs going to Seattle

 I am accompanying my husband, Ed Burnett, Pres. of American Mosquito Control Association to their meeting in Seattle this weekend.
 There was a request to have mugs to sell at the AMCA booth. I have made Bug Mugs for the occasion.  There is a bug stamped on the outside of each one.
There is also a bug on the inside of each mug!  Bug people will love them!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Bug Mugs going to Seattle!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New sculptures

New sculptures for Boise Art in the Park this weekend (Sept 6-8). This is a special order for a customer who wanted an address sculpture.  It can be viewed from both sides.

This sculptures measure 62 inches tall.  This is a typical design that anyone would recognize as my work.  There are lots of them in Sun Valley Idaho.
 I like to try ways to find a more 3 dimensional impression.  The lower image is a close up of the design that I made to make script-like scroll designs.  I cut the design into a clay rolling pin and texture the clay before I make the pieces. This sculpture is 67 inches tall.

Another special order for a customer in Sun Valley Idaho.  62 inches tall.
Pieces that have diagonal joins are difficult to make.  62 inches tall.
With the pieces appearing to be stacked the design helps to "hide" the pole inside.  52 inches tall.

 Address sculpture has two sides.  This was a special  order.  52 inches tall.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ceramic Stemmed Goblets

Much of my art is about gardening.  I am also very interested in functional ware.  I enjoy using pottery that has weight and texture that some manufactured pieces don't have.  I like the feel of the piece in my hand.  I have used the hand building method to make these goblets.  That means that the wheel was not used and all these pieces started from a slab of clay that I textured. These are 6.5" hgt.
These goblets are what I enjoy drinking wine from.  One uses many senses sipping wine; smell, taste, judging the color.  I already know there are legs on the sides of the goblet, I don't need to see those.  I like the modest weight of the goblet and the texture too.  Hgt 5".
It is fun to think of different designs that fit your hand.  I like a thick stem sometimes.
Hgt 5.5"
 These are a more traditional looking style. Hgt 7.5 "

More thick stemmed style.   I like the glaze sinking into the deeper parts of the texture.  Hgt 6"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Address Sculpture

This is a sculpture opportunity that I have been offering this year.  The numbers are house numbers, and I thought some people would like the idea.  This sculpture is made of some pieces that I had on hand, and I made the diamond pieces with numbers  on them.  I offer the customer the choice of shapes, and colors, and of course, numbers.
These are the shapes that my customer ordered.  The top piece is made of red clay.  That is because I like the blue glaze on that red clay.  You can see the red, almost copper color through the glaze, due to the texture that I put on the piece.

This is the finished product.  It is 38" height.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coffee Mug Display

I need a coffee mug display for the coffee stores that sell my mugs.  I made this with weathered wood to be compatible with the interior design of the store, Jolts and Juice in Ontario Oregon and Caldwell Idaho. 
I had the idea that I could make it look like it  was once on the side of a barn.  I found some retro coffee ads and pulled my ideas for this two sided display.  It is on locking casters so it can be moved around,  the baristas occasionally rearrange the furnishings.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our booth at Ketchum Art Festival July 14-15.  We enjoy this show because we are surrounded by mountains, and the people are very friendly.  We have made some good customer/friends here over the years. My art is Garden sculptures, that are ceramic beads that stack on a conduit.

 I was having a problem with little kids coming to my booth and wanting to build with the beads.  I know they look like toys, but when the kids handled my beads roughly, they got broken.  Then the parents left feeling badly because they paid for broken merchandise.  My solution was to make beads to be handled only by the children.  The beads are all the same color which helps to keep them apart from the beads that I sell.  Did some get broken? you bet! Did I care? Not that much!
 These are the tall sculptures that I make which are thematic in design. An interested art lover would buy the entire stack.  These are my designs which feature textures, shapes, and colors. 
Art lovers may also design their own sculpture.  I supply beads of many colors and shapes and a person may pick a few or a lot.  This has been a very fun interactive way for the people to buy my art.
  The weekend threatened rain which we did get late Saturday afternoon.  But all in all a very successful weekend.  By the way, Square makes transactions very very easy!!